Something familiar (part 3)

March 14, 2017

     Being from the U.S., there is a chain called Pret A Manger, although they now go by Pret.

    I recently saw this sign in Zurich, Switzerland.

Similar, but different.  In Switzerland, PRET A MANGER and LE PRET A MANGER are registered trademarks to different owners.  In both cases, these families of marks are design marks (e.g., logos), which limits their breadth.  The first wave of PRET A MANGER design marks were registered  in 2001, however, they were removed from the register. Interestingly, the second wave of PRET A MANGER design marks and the LE PRET A MANGER design marks both were registered in 2011. See the Swissreg website (PRET A MANGER, registration numbers 618347, 619942, and 625679) (LE PRET A MANGER, registration numbers 620498, 620499, and 673908).

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