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At Henry Park Law, our knowledgeable attorneys will work to protect your best ideas, 
so that you can spend your time dreaming up the next one.

We know how hard we work for your ideas, and we realize how vital a part your inspiration plays in your business. Such a critical element of your project deserves only the best protection, and at Henry Park Law, we’re ready to help keep it safe.


A business’s intellectual property is far more than that first great idea, however. It includes your branding, written documents, know-how, innovations, products, and even your methods of doing business. So, that custom logo you designed in-house? The secret sauce recipe? The details of your business plan? It’s all part of your business’s intellectual property.


Our attorneys have substantial experience in identifying a business's intellectual property, and they’re prepared to help you define your assets. Once your assets are understood, our attorneys will advise you on how to protect your business’s key elements. 


We’ve been fortunate to work with many fantastic business ideas, and look forward to adding yours. Some of our recent projects include:


  • Prosecuting patent applications in the US and overseas concerning environmental technologies, educational methods, gaming analytics, and video technologies.


  • Clearing potential trademarks in the US and overseas, and registering cleared marks.


  • Advising clients regarding open source issues.


  • Preparing non-commercial and commercial software license agreements.




Register Trademarks

Obtain Patents


Register Copyrights

Protect Trade Secrets

The talented team at Henry Park Law possesses the expertise to help you register or apply for a trademark, copyright or patent; respond to any governmental agency rejections, objections or refusals during the registration or application process; and secure the grant of protection for your asset.


In addition, we understand that the people working with your business can truly make it great. We can prepare your employee, independent contractor and director agreements to ensure that your business owns its intellectual property and that property is not being disclosed improperly; that way, everyone is protected.


Do you think you may be infringing upon another business’s intellectual property? Our attorneys possess the skills to examine your practices and to assess whether your activities may need to be adjusted, or whether the other business's intellectual property is invalid.

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