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  • Henry Park

"One more thing"

The phrase "One more thing" has been associated with Apple, Inc. since Steve Jobs made it an essential part of his presentations to signal that there was one last big surprise.

Swatch, the Swiss watchmaker, applied to register the "One more thing" mark for its watches in over 70 countries (WIPO international registration numbers 1261461, 1281232).

Apple opposed the registrations in Australia and the UK. Apple lost an opposition in Australia last year (link), and it just lost an opposition in the UK (link). In the UK case, Deputy High Court Judge Ian Purvis found that although Swatch might be trying to annoy Apple, that was not sufficient to prevent the registration.

Oh yes, one more thing, this isn't the first time that Apple and Swatch have had trademark issues. They previously fought over the "Tick different" trademark that Swatch registered.

Image by Vishva Navanjana from Pixabay

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