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  • Henry Park

"News" Shows Are NOT for facts

Please don't look to "News" shows for facts. They are not intended for such purposes. Rather, such shows are intended for entertainment.

For example, on host asserted on her news show that OANN “really literally is paid Russian propaganda." OANN sued.

The Court founds that (emphasis added):

the broad context of Maddow’s show makes it more likely that her audiences will “expect her to use subjective language that comports with her political opinions.”...Although MSNBC produces news, Maddow’s show in particular is more than just stating the news—Maddow “is invited and encouraged to share her opinions with her viewers.” In turn, Maddow’s audience anticipates her effort “to persuade others to [her] position[] by use of epithets, fiery rhetoric or hyperbole.” Therefore, the medium through which the contested statement was made supports Maddow’s argument that a reasonable viewer would not conclude the statement implies an assertion of fact.

And, that with regard to the OANN assertion:

Maddow’s gleeful astonishment with The Daily Beast’s breaking news is apparent throughout the entire segment. Thus, at no point would a reasonable viewer understand Maddow to be breaking new news... A reasonable viewer would be able to differentiate between Maddow’s commentary and the actual news she is reporting... Because Maddow discloses all relevant facts and employs colorful, hyperbolic language, we conclude that the specific context of the statement does not render it an assertion of fact.

And, with that the nail is in the coffin of news shoes. Don't look to them for facts because their hosts can say whatever they want.

Image from Freepik.

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