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  • Henry Park

Default sharing your internet?

On June 8th, Amazon will enable by default in the USA its Amazon Sidewalk service on Amazon branded services and devices and partner devices that allow the devices to share bandwidth. Thus, Amazon devices such as Alexa, Echo, Ring (security cams, outdoor lights, motion sensors), and Tile trackers will be enrolled into the Sidewalk service.

By enabling all of these devices, Amazon is creating a super-mesh network that allows anyone with an Amazon branded device or service to connect to another user's device and use some of its bandwidth (up to 500 MB a month). The super-mesh network will bring benefits such as locating your dog that left your yard and is out of reach of your personal network, or finding your lost keys.

However, it should be the consumer's decision to enable this feature. For example, while 500 MB might seem like a low amount, that amount of data could wipe out a limited data user's monthly allotment. But, it is clear why Amazon chose this route. Because most users never adjust default settings.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


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