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Consent cannot default to yes

Over the last six months, I blogged a number of times about how consent for cookies must be explicit, affirmative and clear (see link 1, link 2, link 3).

A recent article examined consent management platforms (CMPs) and discovered not suprisingly that many businesses are not complying with consent requirements under the GDPR (TechCrunch link). The article found that many CMPs are configured improperly with default settings set to "yes" and CMPs setting cookies before consent is received.

Last year, as part of my firm's revisions to our website, we examined a few cookie consent tools and installed the CookieHub cookie solution (We are not affiliated with CookieHub and we receive not compensation from them).. We chose this solution because we could configure it to not install cookies until consent is received and to have the default settings set to "no".

Image from Nietjuh on Pixabay.

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