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  • Henry Park

Software Licensing SNAFU

Adobe recently sent notices to its own customers to stop using older versions of its Creative Cloud software applications. Why? Because customers using older versions could be subject to third party claims of copyright infringement. What?

It appears Adobe licensed some software from a third-party, probably Dolby, and used it in its Creative Cloud software applications. Now there is a dispute between Adobe and the third-party. As a result, Adobe's license rights probably were revoked along with Adobe's right to sublicense its customers. Thus, forcing Adobe to send the aforementioned notice to its own customers.

This case is a prime example of how you don't own software. Rather you license it.

This case also is a cautionary story concerning contract drafting, and trying to ensure that your customers have a continued right to use your software even if you are in trouble.

Image is from Matt Roszak on Twitter.

#copyright #litigation

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