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  • Henry Park

Upgrading my PACER account

I recently received an email about the SDNY and EDNY upgrading to NextGen CM/ECF. Although I am not an active filer, I started the process of getting my accounts ready.

Step 1. Upgrading my PACER account.

As part of the NextGen CM/ECF system, there is a new PACER account. If you want to know some of the benefits of the upgraded account, go to this link. I logged into PACER, went to the "Manage My Account" section, and clicked the link to "Upgrade"

Step 2. Updating the account information.

They wanted to confirm and update the personal information, address information and security information for the account.

As part of the security settings, you have to choose a new username. Fortunately, the requirements are not strict.

You also have to choose a new password. Again, the password requirements are not strict.


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