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Escape Plan 2 - No idea about patents

I saw the first movie, and it was entertaining. So I gave the sequel a try. Unfortunately for me, I should have checked first with Rotten Tomatoes. This was a bad movie (see link).

As it turns out, a key element of this movie is intellectual property and more specifically patents. However, it appears that the writers failed to consult even Wikipedia about what is a patent.

Here are two of their statements about patents:

1. "He gave me the details of his patent number [xxx], but not number [yyyy]"

2. "I patented it so i could bury it."

These statement reveal an utter lack of understanding of patents. The problem with both statements is that the patent explains (in the patent specification) how to make and use the invention. If you have a patent, then the "details" of the patent are publicly known. And, if you have patented an invention, then you have made it public and you haven't buried it.

Perhaps, the writers meant "trade secrets" instead of patents. This would make sense. Trade secrets are a business's confidential information that give it a competitive edge. Trade secrets aren't published and thus can maintain their value as long as they are kept confidential.

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