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Wine in a box meet beer in a bag

On April 30th, Anheuser-Busch sued Heineken for infringing four of its patents for a new technology intended for draft beer containers (see link to Complaint on Mega.nz).

As the complaint states, "[g]enerally, draft beer has been stored in stainless steel kegs, and is dispensed by introducing gas directly into the keg, which forces the beer out. However, this gas can, under certain circumstances, affect the quality of the beer" (Complaint, para. 23).

The patented inventions relate to Anheuser-Busch's bag-in-container bottles where a pressurized gas is introduced between the inner bag and the outer container "which squeezes the inner bag and dispenses the liquid in it, all without allowing any gas to contact the beer itself" (Complaint, para. 24).

Never let it be said that the beer industry, and Anheuser-Busch in particular, isn't pushing the status quo to make a better beer for you.


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