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  • Henry Park

Cartoons can be educational. Learn about IP.

In 2016, the UK Intellectual Property Office and Fun Kids, a UK children's radio station, released a an animated cartoon series called Nancy and the Meerkats that attempted to teach children about intellectual property and why it is important.

Last week, they released five "new" episodes that focus on one of Nancy's superfans, a sheep named Ed Shearling. In the series, Ed starts a band and learns from Big Joe, Nancy's manager, about trademarks (Episodes 1-2) and copyrights (Episodes 3-5).

The five episode series can be found on the FunKid's website, or on YouTube.

Episode Guide

Episode 1. The Name Game (YouTube link)

Episode 2. Logo Mania (YouTube link)

Episode 3. Mean Meme (YouTube link)

Episode 4. Track Attack (YouTube link)

Episode 5. Copycat (YouTube link)

Image by Vectorportal, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (license available here), no changes were made.

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