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VPNs - Keeping information when they say they aren't

Don't you hate it when someone says they won't do something, and then they do? Well, I think Ryan Lin hates his Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider -- PureVPN. According to an article, PureVPN linked Ryan's "stalking activity with Lin's home and work IPs." (see Bleeping Computer link).

What does PureVPN's website say?

1. PureVPN advertises that it doesn't keep any logs and advertises that other VPNs keep records such as IP addresses.

(see link to Why PureVPN)

2. PureVPN's privacy policy states that it keeps nothing other than the time when a successful connection is made and the total bandwidth used.

3. PureVPN's privacy policy also states that the only Personally Identifiable Information (PII) it keeps is name, email address and phone number.

How can you tell whether your VPN is actually honoring its obligations? You could try a website like That One Privacy Site. According to that site, PureVPN is keeping a concerning amount of information.

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