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MS Word - Using the date field

For the longest time, I've been manually typing the date into my letters. However, a colleague just posted about disliking fields that auto-update. And that made me realize that I wasn't taking advantage of one of Microsoft Word's functions - field.

1. On MS Word for Mac 2011, you access the field function under the "Insert" Menu.

2. This brings up the following dialogue box.

3. You select the "Date and Time" Category and then the type of date field you want. You probably want to choose between "Date" or "PrintDate". Then click the "Options" button in the bottom left.

The big difference between "Date" and "PrintDate" is that Date automatically updates to the current date. PrintDate remains on the date that the document was last printed. I find the PrintDate field to be more helpful because it does not auto-update.

4. This brings up the following dialogue box.

5. You select the format style for how you want the date to be displayed; and then click the "OK" button in the bottom right. And then, click the "Ok" button on the prior dialogue box.

6. You will have inserted the date using a field code. You can tell it uses a field code because the date has a grey background and when you right-click on the date the dropdown menu presents field choices, such as "Update Field".

7. Now when updating a letter, instead of having to manually changing the date, I can right-click and "Update Field".

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