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At Henry Park Law, our talented attorneys will work to provide the best support for your growing business.

We’ve been fortunate to work on many fantastic corporate projects, and look forward to adding yours. Some of our recent projects include:


  • Counseling clients concerning worker classifications.


  • Preparing employment and independent contractor agreements.


  • Negotiating confidentiality agreements.


  • Negotiating white label agreements.

We know that you, as an entrepreneur, are always pushing your business to the next step. Your goals are to grow in terms of size, products and services, and revenue. You want to continually improve and become bigger, better, and more successful. It’s inspiring and exciting, and we want to help you make it happen.
Every company has a lifecycle, and as your success grows, your business will add staff, officers, directors, and advisors. These are the key people who will work to make your business better, and we want to help you as you build your team. 


At Henry Park Law, our experienced attorneys can negotiate and prepare your employee and independent contractor agreements. You can be sure that to protect your business we will include 

non-compete and non-disclosure provisions.


In an age where so much business occurs online, we know that it’s important, and sometimes intimidating, to develop and maintain a digital identity. Our attorneys possess the web savvy to advise you as your business extends its presence on the Internet and continues to grow.




commercial agreements

Create form agreements


Review vendor agreements

License intellectual property


Is your business ready to grow through investors? Perhaps you’re facing a merger or an acquisition? Our diligent team is at the ready to prepare the required documentation and guide the process, leading your negotiations. We also have experience with performing legal due diligence.


Perhaps you are looking to expand your business's operations by adding gaming to your establishment?  With our knowledge of gaming laws and regulations, you will stay informed about the evolving legal environment to ensure that your current operations comply with the laws and regulations and that your future plans are not disrupted. Additionally, we can help you broaden your operations by adding horse racing simulcasting, or fantasy football leagues.

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