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February 24, 2020

For an online service provider to take refuge in the DMCA Safe Harbor for user uploaded content (17 U.S.C. § 512(c)), it must designate an agent with the US Copyright Office. 

In December 2016, the Copyright Office issued a rule to replace the old paper based system for...

June 24, 2019

I saw this display in Italy. What a coincidence that they named their cat Tom.  I wonder if they ever saw the cartoon series Tom and Jerry?

November 8, 2018

Anyone with a kid can tell you that this is supposed to be "Masha and the Bear" (see link). 

August 28, 2018

Brand owners should feel safer.  Last week, law enforcement authorities busted a counterfeit goods ring that was importing fake goods from China, and then reselling the goods to wholesalers and retailers. The retail value of the goods, had they been authentic, was appr...

August 20, 2018

Given the recent heat wave in Zug, Switzerland, it was refreshing to grab a can of Stone IPA - "The Iconic West Coast Style IPA".  But, where did they get it from?

They brewed it in Berlin, Germany.

April 2, 2018

Over the weekend, the movie Ready Player One opened. The movie is a smorgasbord of references to films, TV shows, games and toys; and each of those references had to be cleared for use in the the movie.

Clearing all of those references might have been impossible, but th...

January 23, 2018

In 2016, the UK Intellectual Property Office and Fun Kids, a UK children's radio station, released a an animated cartoon series called Nancy and the Meerkats that attempted to teach children about intellectual property and why it is important.

Last week, they released f...

December 15, 2017

In honor of the US release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I give you...