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New office address

This is not an April Fools Day joke. Starting April 1st, we have a new office address. 400 Rella Boulevard Suite 123-77 Montebello, NY 10901 Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash #lohp

DST starts in Europe on March 31

On Sunday, March 31st, Europe will start daylight saving time. This means that the time difference between New York, NY (ET) and Central European Time (CET) will return to its standard six (6) hours. #DST

Amazon and Whole Foods

After Amazon purchased Whole Foods, I wondered how Amazon would cross-market in Whole Foods. I finally made it into a Whole Foods, and I don't think the marketing could be more in your face. And if you were wondering, whether Amazon cut grocery prices. You may be disappointed (see link). #marketing

New Jersey Draft Cannabis Legislation Opens Marijuana To Entrepreneurs Big And Small

New Jersey is establishing legislation that will allow cannabis for personal use (i.e., recreational use) and easy pathways for entrepreneurs to become involved. The New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Act (Senate Bill No. 2703) provides a focused structural introduction to legalized cannabis businesses in New Jersey and it describes how these businesses can work with businesses in other states. The Act outlines the processes and procedures to obtain the four types of licenses: Class 1 Cannabis Grower License, Class 2 Cannabis Processor License, Class 3 Wholesale License and Class 4 Cannabis Retail Licenses. Each license provides authority to perform certain activities involved in the growin

Atlantic City has the Opportunity to be a Leader in Entertainment Again

Skill-based gaming and eSports have gathered an inordinate amount of attention and headlines in recent years. However, New Jersey legislation has stalled and the gaming industry has yet to embrace the concepts and provide marketing to attract the “next generation” of gaming. The technological “link” between millennials, generation x and the latter end of the “baby boomers” is evident in everyday life and could be the “bridge” to the introduction of eSports if allowed to become part of gaming in New Jersey. As Atlantic City casinos try to find ways to attract gamers, the answer may be sitting on the desks of legislators. The introduction of eSports and skilled based “slot machines” could p


​On February 27, 2019, during a hearing in the House of Representatives, Representative Katie Porter of California had the following exchange with the Mark Begor, the CEO of Equifax that made attorneys asserting data breach claims drool (see YouTube link). Rep. Porter asked Begor to share his Social Security number, birth date, and address. Begor - “I would be a bit uncomfortable doing that, Congresswoman. If you would so oblige me, I would prefer not to." Porter - "Could I ask you why you’re not unwilling." Begor - “Well, that’s sensitive information; I think it’s sensitive information that I’d like to protect and I think consumers should protect theirs." Porter - "If we gave that ... if th

Registration required

Last year I blogged about the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. LLC case where the U.S. Supreme Court would decide whether to file a lawsuit an author needed either to have filed a copyright application or to have the copyright registration certificate. It took less than two months for the Supreme Court to decide the case (see link). In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court held that before a lawsuit over a U.S. work can be filed, the author must have the actual copyright registration certificate (with some limited exceptions). Design vector created by freepik - #copyright


Earlier this year, I blogged about China's Social Credit System. Because of the system, China prevented millions of its citizens from traveling via train or airplane because of their poor social credit (see Guardian link). Social credit offenses include not paying taxes or fines, using drugs, smoking on a train, or not walking a dog on a leash. If being denied travel rights wasn't sufficient to change a person's behavior, another application in China will show any people within 500 meters that are in debt (see ToshiTimes link). As if being flagged a debtor wasn't scary enough. The application allegedly will show you personal details such as names, national ID numbers, and details of the deb

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