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Shark - Apex predator and tasty appetizer

I saw this sign in Iceland. It turns out fermented shark (also known as Hákarl) is a cultural dish in Iceland, and it has a very strong ammonia smell. #iceland

Upgrading my PACER account

I recently received an email about the SDNY and EDNY upgrading to NextGen CM/ECF. Although I am not an active filer, I started the process of getting my accounts ready. Step 1. Upgrading my PACER account. As part of the NextGen CM/ECF system, there is a new PACER account. If you want to know some of the benefits of the upgraded account, go to this link. I logged into PACER, went to the "Manage My Account" section, and clicked the link to "Upgrade" Step 2. Updating the account information. They wanted to confirm and update the personal information, address information and security information for the account. As part of the security settings, you have to choose a new username. Fortunate

Double Dutch Pets - In the news

Our client Double Dutch Pet Products, LLC was featured in the last issue of Pet Lifestyles Magazine (see link). If you are a pet owner, check out the article to learn why our client developed her safety leash, and check out their website to see their products (see link). We are helping our client to protect its intellectual property, including by working to secure patent protection for its invention. #marketing

Ocean Sports Book - Open for business

Atlantic City sports gaming began with tremendous interest on the first day of the NFL season. Without much fanfare or advertising, the Ocean resort casino in Atlantic City had a long line of people interested in sports betting for the first NFL season where sports betting (outside of Nevada) would be allowed. The seaside resort recognized an influx of players for the first NFL weekend who were focused on being able to bet on college and pro football (in addition to pro baseball) in an establishment that served all of the "gamers" interests. Much anticipation and success is foreseen as Atlantic City provides more attractions and begins to market in greater detail not only sports betting but

Summer corn on the cob

The end of summer brings one of my favorite food treats - corn on the cob. Unfortunately, the prices aren't the same in Switzerland as they are in Minnesota. Yes, you read that correct. 2 Swiss Francs (or approximately $2 USD) per ear of corn at the local farmer's stand. In Minnesota, the prices are a bit lower. #prices

Hooray. Non-smearing highlighters

Who hasn't experienced the agony of using a highlighter and watching the text smear. Zebra Co Ltd of Japan reportedly solved this problem by released a highlighter that won't smear you ballpoint ink (see link). How did they do it? By adding added positive ions to the highlighter fluid that supposedly help the ink stick. It sounds great. I wonder if they have patented it? Update: According to their US subsidiary, Zebra will not be distributing this highlighter in the US. Photo is in the public domain. #patent

Patent Filers Rejoice - USPTO shifts to a better login process

On August 27, 2018, the USPTO announced its latest migration plan to ease the path from its current Java based login process for patent practitioners (see link). The overall migration plan is set forth below. The pertinent step is for patent practitioners to setup their login on, and enable two-factor authentication (either via email, application or telephone call). #uspto

Happy Labor Day

As the summer comes to a close, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend. May you weekend be filled with friends, family, parades, and parties. But, do not forget that this holiday was created to honor the labor movement and the social and economic achievement of American workers. Designed by Freepik #holiday

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