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Updates to privacy notices

Around May 25th, my inbox became filled with emails notifying me that a business was updating its privacy notice because of the GDPR. While I appreciate knowing that they updated their privacy notice, was it necessary to send an email? The answer is no. They could have updated their privacy notice, and added a banner to their website notifying me that they had done so. So why did they do it? Probably because they saw another business doing it, and they thought it would be good public relations to notify their users of their compliance with the GDPR. While these might have been the external facing reasons, they also had an internal reason - they wanted to ensure that their users "saw" and


I encountered this building in London. Doesn't it have a great street address - "1 Poultry". #england #trademark

Whois - not as helpful anymore

Whois was an online search tool to discover the contact information of a domain name registrant -- see ICAAN Whois search, and was provided by many domain name registrars. Many businesses rely on Whois searches to identify intellectual property infringers. As we approached May 25, commentators predicted that the Whois service would be effectively neutered because of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Generally, they are correct. Some registrars are no longer collecting certain personal data concerning the registrant, and some registrars are redacted all personal data concerning domain name registrants. If information is no longer collected or only produced in redacted form,


I saw this sign in the Middle Inn area in London. Isn't every dog a resident of somewhere? #england

East Coast Gaming Congress 2018 - The Wrap

The 2018 East Coast Gaming Congress and NextGen Gaming Forum (ECGC) held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 13 and 14 provided guidance on the key factors necessary for the future success of gaming and the newly legalized “sports betting”. Throughout the congress, key elements for the continued resurgence of gaming in New Jersey (including sports betting) would be (1) ensuring that there are mobile applications for use with smart phones or smart devices; (2) easing the transfer of funds to allow players flexibility in placing wagers and ensuring ease in placing a wager; and (3) allowing “in game betting” -- which would allow multiple wagers within the same game, continued “wagering“ during

Google Analytics and aggregate data

Google Analytics appears to be everywhere, and it was estimated in 2015 that around half of the websites on the Internet use it (see link). Because the European Union requires websites have a cookie notice, you find a lot of cookie notices stating that a website uses Google Analytics. But, what kinds of information about visitors are being collected by Google Analytics. 1. Demographics - a visitor's age and gender. 2. Interests - affinity categories (identify users in terms of their lifestyles) and in-market categories (identify users searching for certain product categories) 3. Geography - language and location (by country) 4. Behavior - new versus returning, frequency & recency, how long

Pret A Manger is everywhere

Coming off the airplane at London City Airport (LCY), I was greeted by this international chain of restaurants. How could I go all the way to England and find this chain? Well, it turns out that the current iteration of Pret A Manger was founded in England (see link). #trademark #england

A delivery service by any other name

I saw this van in Switzerland, and I thought the business might be related to Federal Express (aka FedEx) because the logo used two colors. But, upon further research, I don't think it is. #trademark #tradedress

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